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The Royal Mint has issued Full Sovereign Gold Coins since 1817. These best value, mixed date full sovereigns can be any of the following sovereign heads - Queen Victoria; Jubilee Head or Veiled Head, George V, Queen Elizabeth II; Young, Decimal, Fourth and Fifth head, or King Charles III.


  • Weighs 7.98g and struck in 22ct gold, equalling 7.32g of Fine Gold Content.
  • Minted by The Royal Mint.
  • Struck to a Bullion finish.
  • VAT Free and Capital Gains Tax Exempt.
  • Dimensions- Diameter: 22.05mm, Thickness: 1.52mm


Other Information:

The gold sovereign is one of Britain’s most famous coins, the first of which was minted in 1489 by King Henry VII, and due to its long history it is considered by many as the flagship coin of The Royal Mint.


All coins will be picked at random.

These coins are of various years and carry different Sovereign heads, up to the current year. Please note; when ordering quantities of this coin we cannot guarantee that all coins will be the same date. We will do our best to send as many different dates, but this may not always be possible.


The photographs only show the type of coin you will receive, not the exact item.

Pre-Owned Full Sovereign Gold Coin - Mixed Dates

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