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The South African Krugerrand Gold Coin obverse shows a portrait of Paul Kruger, president of the old South African Republic. The reverse shows a Springbok Antelope, one of South Africa's National Symbols.

  • Weighs 33.90g and is 916.7 (22ct) Gold.
  • Contains 1 Troy ounce of fine gold.
  • Minted by the South African Mint.
  • VAT Free.
  • Struck to a Bullion finish.
  • Dimensions: Diameter: 32.77mm Thickness: 2.84mm.
  • Mixed years.

Other Information:


First minted in 1967 by the South African Mint, the name 'Krugerrand' comes from the name president at the time Paul 'Kruger', and the unit of currency of South Africa the 'Rand'. Some countries banned the importing of Krugerrands during the 70's and 80's due to the association with the apartheid government, but the coin is now one of the most recognised gold coins among collectors.


The photographs show the type of coin you will receive, not the exact item. 


All pre-owned.


Please check other lisitngs for new coins.

Pre-Owned South African Krugerrand 1oz Gold Coin - Mixed Dates

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